Born of Jamaican descent raised in Long Island, New York, Pauline is second to the youngest of nine children. Pauline watched her mother work hard for many years to keep food on the table and to make sure their family always had a roof over their head. This set standards for Pauline to work just as hard for her own family. Pauline’s mother always told her to be the best in everything she sets out to accomplish.

Although Pauline is good at countless things, poetry is something she does naturally. With no poetic influences, Pauline has been writing since the age of nine. She has allowed fear, pain, and passion to steer her in the direction of eloquent expressions. Lyrical Bondage emerges from writing poetry for over three decades and finally having a platform to exhibit her work uncensored.

Lyrical Bondage is outspoken and untamed. Pauline has unleashed an expression of sensuality, passion, fantasies, and fiction to give you a part of her life unbound. Her selection of words was created purposely to capture your imagination. Once you open the book your appetite will increase. Be prepared to be unrestrained.


"Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your creative process. This book is a literary microscope. Whether you are in love, lust or at war with someone, this book has the ability to make you introspect the root cause of those feelings. I am thankful that you found your muse - your source of inspiration - which gave you the courage to pursue your dreams. I am touched. I am honored. I am grateful to be on this journey called life with you."

-Janesha Barrier-

"Pauline Hightower's vivid use of imagery in her poems captivates your mind's eye. Whether you would rather read alone to get in touch with your inner goddess or with your partner to spice things up, it's an unforgettable experience!"

-Tasha Brown Patterson-

"The BEST EROTIC POETRY OF ALL TIMES!!! My cousin is a beast and will have you swinging from the chandelier!!! When you purchase the book, I promise you you’ll need a FAN AND OTHER THINGS I CAN’T POST."

-Sandy Recard-