• Pauline Hightower

COVID-19 Dot Dot Dot...

As COVID 19 has changed the way we view the world today and plan our lives, we are praying for the healing of all the families all over the country. We will get through this.

As, I watched several YouTube videos and listened to COVID-19 survivors explain the recovery process of their worst nightmare, I got some take-aways to share with you.

Take preventative measures in building up your immune system.

-Take Elderberry Gummies or Zinc daily

-Take Vitamin D daily

-Take allergy medicine daily or nightly to avoid your itchy eyes, sneezing or cough from advancing into a cold or pneumonia

If you are experiencing any of the flu like symptoms of the Corona Virus, take Tylenol daily as directed to reduce fever and aches/pain, take Night/Daytime Theraflu daily as directed and take Elderberry Gummies or Zinc daily. Also, during this process drink plenty of water. Even if you are nauseous and can't keep your food down drink plenty of fluids (water, Gatorade, broth soup). Drink ice cold water frequently to help reduce your fever. Remember to change your bed linen often and continue to wash your hands.

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