• Pauline Hightower

Me on TMZ-Live Last Month Commenting on "Cardi B Postponed Show After Plastic Surgery Complicat

Check me out on TMZ-Live Viewer's Choice commenting on "Cardi B postponed her show after experiencing plastic surgery complications." This show was taped LIVE on 5/21/2019. I have been a bit slow in sending out my Blogs. But, if you must know, I have been traveling quite a bit lately and in my downtime, I require absolute rest. CLICK on this link to follow me & keep up with my life instantly on Lyrical Bondage Instagram.

CLICK on any picture below to view the footage of my comments regarding Cardi B postponing her show due to plastic surgery complications. To see me on TMZ-LIVE fast forward to 40:22 minutes - Viewer's Choice.

CLICK on this link to watch the entire TMZ Live episode dated 5/21/2019. Thank you all for watching!


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