• Pauline Hightower

Proud Auntie

I want to give a grand shout out to my nephew for staying the course and graduating with his bachelor's degree in Interactive Digital Media and Marketing. I am one super proud auntie watching my nephew grow up into the brilliant young man he is today. Although the shout out goes to him he wouldn't have gotten as far as he did without his mother. To my beautiful niece, you have done a wonderful job raising my nephew. He has grown into a super fine young man. Kudos to you for your sacrifices in making sure your son got a fair shot at this thing we call LIFE. I am blessed to have the opportunity to witness both of your journeys from the beginning. And this is just the beginning. I am excited to see what the future holds for the both of you. I wish you great success...Love your auntie, mentor, confidant and friend.

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