• Pauline Hightower

How to Make Fresh Aloe Vera Water and Store It

The process in making fresh Aloe Vera Water and storing it is fairly simple. It took me approximately 10 minutes to cut, peel, blend and store my Aloe water. Purchasing Aloe Vera in the store can be very expensive. If you are a Juicer like me save your money and consider making it yourself. CLICK on each picture below to see live videos.

How to make Aloe Vera Water - Part 1 (Video)

Cut and peel Aloe Vera plant

How to make Aloe Vera Water - Part 2 (Video)

Put naked Aloe in a juicer, blender or mixer.

Storing Aloe Vera in Darkness (Video)

Store Aloe in a dark jar, container or hot and cold stainless steel tumbler.


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