• Pauline Hightower

Snapshot View of My Late Night Workout

Working out is a hobby and is something I really enjoy doing. Going to the gym late at night when the facility is just about empty works best for me. I can stay on any machine as long as I want and not have to worry about the rush. I am not totally out of shape. I just have areas on my body I want more toned or rock hard. I want a solid tone with a hint of softness in my arms. I am a leg person.. So, I want the muscle on the back of my legs to stand out. What I want the most is a six-pack. I am working on this 30 day crazy ab workout. I will post pics somewhere around the end of February 2018 to show you results. I might have to market this workout if it is successful. If you have a workout you would like to see me perform feel free to post your request in the comments section. Stay tuned or subscribe to my blog for updates.


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