• Pauline Hightower

Cheesesteak Made My Way

Ohhhh my goodness!!! This Cheesesteak was so delicious. I was craving and could not decide what I wanted. I went to the Fresh Farms grocery and saw this beautiful looking package of Ribeye Steak staring back at me. It was like the sun was shining on me in the isle. In my hypnotized voice, I was like "Go home and make a Cheesesteak." I licked my lips in delight and gathered everything I needed along with some fresh Sub Rolls. I already had Havarti Cheese in the frig. #sohungry

Below is a snap shop of what took place for me to make this sandwich. That wonderfully made Cheesesteak in the pic is long gone and my tummy is tight and satisfied. Don't worry... I am going to the gym this evening to work it off. #Cheesesteak #cheesesteakmademyway #goodeats


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