• Pauline Hightower

Looking Back

At a very young age, writing poetry and lyrics to songs came natural. I would write on tissue paper, sticky notes, books, my hand or what ever I could find to get the information out of my head onto paper. Writing is my therapy. As a youth, publishing a book was never on my list of things to do. My career choices was a toss up between modeling, body building and singing. During my adult stage in life, I began to look back on all of the poems I have collected over the years (decades of artifacts) and would say to myself, I am going to publish a book of poems one day. Years would pass and all I had was my words and a promise.

It was September of 2014, right after I bought Steve Harvey's book Act like Success Think Like Success, when I decided to put my words to action and my action to work. From the day I created my vision board, I was committed to making my dreams come true one project at a time. Leading up to this day it has been a wild ride and an awesome learning experience. I have earned a great deal of patience for knowing what I want and executing my ideas to getting results.

I have humbled myself to understanding the benefits of being realistic with my goals. I came a long way to see results. My hard work and dedication is proof to me that I can accomplish anything I set my heart out to do. I am truly blessed and satisfied knowing one person was motivated from this experience. This is only the beginning.


© 2016 by Pauline Hightower